Clay Pilgrim's token of the True Cross, 16.5 mm, 1.2 gm.
obverse - Clay token stamped with emblem of cross and tiny figures of the Apostle Peter and St. Paul to each side
reverse - blank
ex. Ancient Imports

So is it authentic?  Impossible to say, clay is tough to authenticate.  I bought it from a reliable source, which means that it is probably authentically old.  Does it contain ashes from the cross?  Almost certainly not.  These were sold to the hordes of pilgrims as a souvenir of  their journey of faith.  Yet I'm not a religious guy (far from it) and even I get a tingle at considering the slight possibility the it might contain artifacts from one of history's pivotal events.  If you want an interesting read, check up on the studies done on the "Titulus Crucis".  They are somewhat compelling, and if the signboard above the cross survived, why not some of the cross itself?  And even if it isn't possible I agree with the final words (more or less) in "The Man Who Shot Liberty Valance" - When deciding whether to print the truth or a good story, print the good story.