Severus II, 26mm gVF/VF follis of Heraclea     Sear 3733     V.M 8     RIC 26a
FL VAL SEVERVS NOB CAES - Laureate head right
GENIO POPVLI ROMANI - Genius of the Roman people standing l. draped, holding cornucopia and patera spilling liquid
Minted in 306 at the start of Severus' brief stint as Caesar.  Sent to teach Maxentius a lesson, Severus found himself up against Maxentius' wiley old father Maximian.  Maximian used his popularity with the army to draw most of Severus' men over to his side, chased the rest north to Ravenna, captured Severus and took him to Rome.  He was executed in 307 when Galerius invaded Italy.  ex. Warren Esty