Nero and Statilia Messalina     22mm Fine bronze of Hypaepa, Lydia
Confronted busts of Statilia Messalina and Nero
Cult statue of Artemis
Sear-666     RPC I 2545

OK - so its not the nicest coin - do have a better Statillia Messalina?  Jesh, it tough to find in any condition!  It still shows a very stern looking lady looking at a very jowly Nero.

After Poppaea's death Nero was an autocrat out of control.   Desiring another wife he asked Claudia Antonia, a daughter of Claudius and a half-sister of his first wife.  Refused, he implicated her in the Pisonian conspiracy and had her put to death.  Statilia Messalina was already married to one of Nero's political opponents but that didn't even slow him down.  When Nero's "representatives" arrived the husband quietly went into him bedroom and opened his wrists.  Statilia Messalina and Nero lived together for the brief remainder of his life, touring Greece while she applauded his achievements in artistic competitions.
After Nero's death Otho, now Emperor, contemplated the supreme irony of marrying Statilia Messalina, the wife of the man who stole his wife years earlier.  His brief reign prevented this.  Statilia Messalina lived to a ripe old age.