Nero and Poppaea     22mm VF/gFine tetradrachm of Alexandria
Nero, radiate head right
Poppaea, bare-headed bust right
Sear-713     Vagi-741     SGI-664     ex. Frank Robinson
Tacitus described Poppaea as having "every asset beside virtue".  When her second husband Otho bragged to Nero about his wife's charms Nero decided to sample those charms for himself.  Apparently he enjoyed them - he sent Otho off and continued sampling Poppaea.  Eventually he had her divorce Otho while Nero divorced, banished and killed Octavia.  Three years later Nero killed Poppaea by kicking her in the stomach during an argument.  He missed her so much he had a young man who resembled her castrated and made his concubine. Yep - true love...