Phraates IV, 16mm drachm
Head l., long beard, eagle w. wreath above
Archer at table, seated r., holding bow

There is a saying  here on the east coast; "What goes around comes around".  This time it did for sure.  Phraates IV gained his throne by murdering his father and most of his brothers.  He wound up murdered by his son. 

While the Romans liked to remember Phraates as the guy who gave back the standards, he is better remembered as the ruler who turned back Marc Antony.  Antony invaded the East with 100,000 men.  Unable to match this force, Phraates waited until Antony was involved in a siege deep in his territory and used the speed of his cavalry to fall on Antony's supply train.  Without the supplies Antony was forced to turn back and the Parthians harried him all the way home.  One has to wonder if this defeat, reducing Marc Antony in Roman eyes, might have had an effect on our history when the issue of ownership of the Empire would be decided later at Actium.