Orodes 2nd     18mm VF drachm
bare-headed bust left with pointed beard, wearing diadem; royal wart on forehead, star before face, crescent with star below behind head, horse head end to torque
Archer seated right on throne holding bow; anchor-like symbol behind throne. Blundered Greek legend. monogram below bow
Sear GIC - 7445     Sellwood 48.9

When Orodes II sent an ambassador to Crassus to ask what his intentions were, Crassus responded,  'I will give you my answer in Seleucia!'  Orodes reply was that, 'Hair will grow on my palm before you see Seleucia!' And as Ali said, it aint braggin' if you do it.  Actually, Orodes didn't meet Crassus in battle, the head of the second most important family in Parthia did. Suren met the Romans at Carrhae with his own private army and, although outnumbered four to one, defeated them. Upwards of 30,000 Roman soldiers were killed or taken prisoner. Suren sent Crassus' head and hand to Orodes, where they were used as props in a play.  Molten gold was then poured down the throat of Crassus' severed head to mock his great wealth.