Maximian    21mm gVF antonianianus   V.M. 21
IMP C M A MAXIMIANVS P F AVG - Radiate, draped, and cuirassed bust right
CONCORDIAE MILITVM - Maximianus receiving Victory on a globe from Jupiter
The reverse declares that the military is in harmony with the government, a situation more often declared than proven in Roman history.  For a giggle check out a "CONCORDIA AVGUSTII" of Caracalla and Geta.  Anyway, this time the harmony was mostly real and the Empire was given another 150 years as a result.  ex. Ancient Auction House

Maximian     17mm VF quarter-follis of Siscia     RIC 146
IMP C M A MAXIMIANVS P F AVG - Laureate head right
GENIO POPVLI ROMANI - Genius standing l. wearing chalmys draped over l. shoulder, holding patera and cornucopia
Minted in 305, this is a rare denomination, sometimes referred to as a quinarius

Maximian    26mm gVF follis of Ticinum     Sear 3637     V.M. 43
IMP C MAXIMIANVS P F AVG - Laureate head right
SACRA MONET AVGG ET CAESS NOSTR - Moneta standing left holding scales
The reverse declares this coin as the "Sacred Money of our Augustii and Caesarii".

Maximian     27mm aEF/gVF follis of Treveri     Sear 3631     V.M. 39
IMP MAXIMIANVS AVG - Laureate head right
GENIO POPVLI ROMANI - Genius standing l. holding patera and cornucopia
Nice example of this issue, dedicated to the "Spirit of the Roman People"

Maximian 25mm VF follis of Serdica      Sear 3641    V.M. 41     RIC 14b
 D N MAXIMIANO BEATISSIMO SEN AVG -   Laureate and draped bust right, holding branch and mappa
 PROVIDENTIA DEORVM QVIES AVGG - Quies and Providence standing facing
1st abdication follis, minted in 305 - 306.  The obverse legend praises Maximian as "Our Beloved Senior Augustus", while the reverse declares that "Our Augustii Had the Foresight to Retire" (more or less).  Quies was the Goddess of rest (hence our word quiescent). Diocletian had a corresponding issue.  BTW, this came totally encrusted from an uncleaned lot!

Maximian     25mm gVF follis of London     Sear 3646     V.M. 55     RIC 90
D N MAXIMIANO P F S AVG - Laureate and cuirassed bust right
GENIO POP ROM - Genius standing l.
Follis from Maximian's second reign, minted in 307.  Maximian seems to have slimmed down a lot after he stepped out of retirement.  :)  ex. Tom Vossen

Maximian     26mm aVF follis of Aquileia     RIC 77a
IMP MAXIMIANVS P F AVG - Helmeted bust left holding spear and shield
FIDES MILITUM AUGG ET CAESS NN - Fides standing holding standard in each hand.
An amusing coin.  The reverse brags about the "Fidelity of the Military to the Augustii and Caeserii".  Since Maximian and Maxentius were at war with the world, who were these people the military were loyal to?  I bought this coin from Vince Bulic who said the following; "Given the turbulence of these times, I suspect the mint officials upon hearing of Severus' defeat by Maximian (Spring 307) simply changed the emperor's name and kept the same design until further instruction. This would put the date of issue for this coin as late spring 307 AD."

Maximian     21mm gVF follis of Alexandria     Sear 3650     V.M. 57     RIC 88
D N MAXIMIANO BAEATISSI - Laureate bust right, draped in Imperial mantel, hand raised
PROVIDENTIA DEORVM - Quies and Providence standing facing each other
2nd abdication follis.  There is some debate whether this coin represents Maximian's second abdication.  Minted in 308, it is similar to other retirement issues but places Maximian in a more active role.  Perhaps someone was wisely hedging their bets in this Imperial gamble.  ex. Ralph DeMarco

Maximian     24mm VF/aVF follis of Rome     Sear 3651     RIC 244
AETERNAE MEMORIAE - Tetrastyle temple with rounded dome, eagle on top, doors ajar
Minted in 310 by Maxentius after his Dad had tried to steal his throne, run off to his enemy Constantine, tried to steal that throne, ran off with the treasury and been killed.  Seems no hard feelings were felt. :)  At this point Maxentius was invoking every god and relative at his disposal in an effort to show that he was the future of Rome.  Papa, still loved by the army, made a convenient rallying point.  ex. Phillpe Porte

Maximian     17mm aEF half-follis of Thessalonica    V.M. 61     Sear 3652
REQVIES OPTIMORVM MERITORVM - Maximian seated left on curule chair, holding scepter and raising right hand
Minted under Constantine in 318 to commemorate the father-in-law he had killed eight years earlier.  One might think that this would have caused a little tension in his marriage.  And one would be wrong.  Some reports have Maximian's daughter Fausta betraying her father's conspiracy herself.  Fausta was a very pragmatic girl (check out the story of the death of Crispus for more evidence of this).  ex. Classical Cash

Maximian     15mm VF quinarius of Rome     Sear 3654     RIC 123
DIVO MAXIMIANO SEN FORT IMP - Veiled and laureate head right
MEMORIAE AETERNAE - Lion walking l.
Another commemorative minted under Constantine.  I'm really fond of this coin for two reasons.  One, I believe it is the last example of a lion on Roman coinage.  Second, I bought it on the cheap because it needed serious cleaning.  I'm happy with the way it turned out.  There is tremendous satisfaction to be had in taking a mediocre coin and prettying it up.  Click here to see what it looked like before cleaning.  ex. Harlan Berk