Marc Antony and Octavian 20 mm denarius 
M ANT IMP AVG III VIR R P C L GELLQP - Marc Antony, bare head right
CAESAR IMP PONT II VIR R P C - Octavian hd r., lituus behind
RSC 10a     ex. Joe Blaszik

The only thing this coin has going for it is a nice picture of Marc Antony.  But coins of Antony don't have to be in very good condition to be recognizable - he has one of the most easily id'ed faces in ancient coinage.  Minted about 41 B.C., Antony and Octavian had avenged Caesar's assassination by defeating Brutus and Cassius the year before, and Marc Antony was headed for Egypt to take over his Asian provinces.  There of course he would meet Cleopatra, the lady who was to do for the Second Triumvirate what Yoko Ono would do for the Beatles.  But that is probably an unfair comparison.  I'm sure Cleo could sing better.  Much better.