Khusro 2nd (590-627)     30mm aEF drachm
Crowned bust of Shapur r.
Two attendants beside fire altar

If I ever start collecting coins outside of Roman and Byzantine, these are them.  Gorgeous!  Big, detailed and mysterious.  Sadly, not a lot is known about the Sassinians (or their predecessors, the Parthians) so it is tough to get hold of decent material for a scandal worthy of Tabloid Numismatics.

Khusro 2nd (590-627)     18mm aVF/Fine 12 nummi piece     Alexandria
Bust facing of Emperor (Khusru II?), star to l., crescent to r.
Cross potent between large "I" and "B"
Sear Byz. #855
Not a great looking coin but a very interesting one.  Minted in Alexandria after it fell to Khusro (and before it was reclaimed by Heraclius), the coin's symbols have morphed from crosses into stars and crescents.  Yet the overall layout of the coin retains the Byzantine style.  Very cool.