Heraclius (610 - 641)     21mm VF solidus     Constantinople
d N HERAC LIVS P P AI - Draped and cuirassed facing bust, wearing plumed helmet, holding cross
VICTORIA AVGUE - Cross potent on three steps
Sear Byz. #731     ex. Clark Smith
I thought the bust of Heraclius holding the cross was a perfect match for the article.  It gave me an excuse to buy my first gold coin anyway...

Heraclius (610 - 641)     15mm aVF 12 nummi      Alexandria
Facing busts of Heraclius and Heraclius Constantine
Large "IB", cross between letters
Sear Byz. #853
The coin at the top of the page is the only decent portrait of Heraclius you will see here.  Not much care was put into the bronze denominations, and the coins show it.

Heraclius (610 - 641)     26mm VF (countermark) follis     Sicily
Facing busts of Heraclius (on l.) with short beard and Heraclius Constantine (on r.), cross between their heads
Sear Byz. #883 (countermark struck on Sear Byz. #810)
ex. Frank Robinson
Oddly enough the best portrait of Heraclius I could find in bronze was this countermarked coin.

Heraclius (610 - 641)     23mm Fine follis     Constantinople
Heraclius and Heraclius Constantine facing
Large "M", "B" beneath (officina), "CON" in exergue
Sear Byz. #809
If you think this is bad look up the coins of his grandsonson, Constans II.  Not that that makes this a pretty coin.  Cut from an earlier follis and rudely bashed with dies cut by a blind, one armed, drunken slave, this is a typical example

Heraclius (610 - 641)     22mm Fine follis     Constantinople
Heraclius and Heraclius Constantine facing
Large "M", "B" beneath (officina), "CON" in exergue
Sear Byz. #809
Another coin of the same type, struck with dies cut by a slightly less drunk slave.

Heraclius (610 - 641)     16mm aVF Decanummium     Carthage
D N ERACLIO P P AV - Helmeted and cuirassed bust facing, beardless
Large "X", "M" to left, "N" to right, star above, cross below
Sear Byz. #878

Heraclius (610-641) 13mm Decanummium Catania (Sicily)
HERACLIVS P P AVG - Crowned and draped facing bust holding globus
Large I, A/N/N/O to l., regnal year to r., CAT in exergue
Sear Byz 885

Heraclius (610-641) 15mm 6-nummi  Alexandria
Cross potent on three steps
Large "S"
Sear Byz 862

While not pretty, these coins, minted from Sicily to Alexandria, show the extent of the Empire Heraclius regained.  Truly an awesome ruler.  Overthru a tyrant, founded a dynasty, drove the Avars away from Constantinople, defeated the Sassanians utterly and still found time to reorganize the government.