Helena only has two common bronze coins, so my display here is limited.  As soon as I win the lottery I'll be adding to the collection.  She must have been an amazing woman to have risen from the position she was born to.  And give Constantine credit - he honored his mother in every way possible, finally adopting her religion as the official faith of the Empire.  Few people have had greater impact on Western civilization. 

Helena     19 mm aEF ae3      Siscia     Minted 328-329
FL HELENA AVGVSTA - Diademed and draped bust right
SECVRITAS REPVBLICE - Helena standing l., holding branch
Sear 3908     RIC 218    ex. Paganecoins

Helena     15 mm VF ae4      Constantinople     Minted 328-329
FL IVL HELENA AVG - Diademed and draped bust right
PAX PVBLICA - Pax standing l.
Sear 3910     RIC 48    ex. Alex Costas