Dateline 305, Milan

Champ Retires, Belt Passes to Constantius.

Imperial sports fans, the Heavyweight champ of the Western Division is retiring. Emperor Maximian, known to his legions of fans as Hercules, will step down from the Western throne on the same day his partner Diocletian steps down from the Eastern. 

Speculation as to Maximian' intentions has gripped the Empire ever since Diocletian announced that he would step down at the completion of his twentieth year as Emperor. Rumor had Maximian reluctant to follow his mentor's example, feeling that he had many years of fight still in him. It seems rumor was wrong and Constantius will assume the Eastern throne while Gallerius rules the West.

But what a career the Champ has to look back on! Who could ever forget his twelfth round KO of the Alamani, his lightning fast defeat of the Bergundi (stopped on a TKO when three tribes refused to answer the bell)? And the heart the Champ showed! After losing a decision to Carausius when his fleet was destroyed by weather, did the champ give up? Well, yes actually. But he trained and sent in his protégé Constantius, who defeated Allectus and unified the title once again.

Yes, we will miss our Hercules.

Dateline 307, Rome

The Champ is back - Hercules rises!

The ties of blood and glory have proved irresistible and Maximian is Augustus again. His son Maxentius (aka Little Herc), having rebelleled after being twice overlooked when purple was being handed out, seized control of Rome and invited Papa to share the glory. Maximian rallied to the color and soon showed that he still had the right stuff.

The first challenge to the championship was dealt with when Severus (appointed Western Champ by Galerius) met Maximian outside of the gates of Rome. The Champ proved that what he might have lost in youth he had gained in guile. Bribing Severus' troops away from him, the Champ had Severus first against the ropes in Ravenna and then in a dungeon in Rome. Round one to the Champ. Round two against Galerius should follow shortly.

Dateline 308, Lyon

Maximian - Galerius Bout Cancelled! Hercules Rides Into the Sunset!

After a punch-up with his partner and son, the Champ has retired again. Unable to agree on who was to be the senior member of this tag-team, Maxentius and Maximian have gone separate ways. The breakup was anything but amiable as Maximian wound up riding for his life to the protection of his son-in-law Constantine, son of his former protégé Constantius. Stripped of his title by the Tetriarchal Commission, Maximian has gone into his second retirement. Ave etqua Vale, Maximian.

Dateline 309, Massalia

Hercules Tries For Third Championship! Takes the Money and Runs!

With ambition exceeding his years, Maximian is making a third try for the purple belt. Apparently tired of playing a supporting role to Constantine, Maximian has reportedly grabbed the Imperial Treasury and headed south. In the Champ's retinue is our own reporter Hokius Dokius, who just filed this report;

"Fight fans, this is unprecedented - three times Augustus! I'm with Maximian in the scenic city of Massalia, home of great mullets and host to this championship bout, the 'Thrilla in Massalia'. Maximian is inside with the money, Constantine is outside with the army. One contender will leave here with both. The other won't be leaving at all."

"Maximian is manning the defenses, parrying probing attacks from Constantine. Constantine is leading with his left. There's a feint. There's another. Maximian tries a counterpunch, and.."

"He's down! Maximian is down! Hercules has been dropped to the ground for the first time in his career! Can he get up? Can the Champ get up? No!, he's down. And without a head it looks like he'll be staying down. Constantine is the new Augustus and Maximian is history. This is Hokius Dokius in Massalia, good night".