Agrippina Jr.     15mm Fine/VG bronze of Acmoneia, Phrygia
Diademed bust right
Artemis advancing r. drawing bow before small figure of Nike
Sear-531(GIC)     ex. Mediterranean Coins

Agrippina came with amazing family connections. 
One grandmother was Augustus' sister and the other grandmother was Augustus' daughter.  If you ever need a superb example of the dangers of inbreeding look no further.  Even the blood of Agrippa (maternal grandfather) doesn't seem to have helped - she was the sister of Caligula and spawned Nero.

Claudius and Agrippina Jr.     19mm VF/aVF bronze of Ephesus, Ionia
Jugate heads of Claudius and Agrippina
Stag standing right
RPC 2624     BMC 205     ex. Bill Puetz
In 48 AD Claudius' wife Messalina tried to depose him by marrying the consul while he was out of town.  Claudius' friends took care of the situation and in an excellent example of self-critique Claudius asked the Praetorian Guard to kill him if he ever contemplated marrying again.  It's a pity they didn't comply.  In an effort to secure his position he wound up marrying his niece, Aggripina.  One dish of poisoned mushrooms later her son by a previous marriage was Emperor.