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All the Empire, All the Time
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Heraclius Returns Cross to Jerusalem

I mean, he returned the cross to Jerusalem.  He's not cross.  He's actually quite happy about it.
(cont. page XIX)

Phraatakes Marries Mom, Even Oedipus Laughs at Him.

After all, you have to have standards...
(cont. page IX)

Constantine Believes Wife, Kills Son, Then Believes Son, Kills Wife. Is This Guy Great, or What?

Rumor has it that the Emperor's wife is really steamed.
(cont. page II)

Emperor's Lover Caught in Assassination Plot.

What makes this story unusual you ask? She's his sister!
(cont. page XXI)

The Bells Are Ringing, 
For Nero And His Gals...

Nero weds again!  Bookmakers give 2:1 odds on her lasting until December, 5:1 on Nero lasting till October.
(cont. page IV)

Emperor Captured by Sassinian Foe, made into Footstool.

"Keep sending me Emperors", says Shapur, "I need the furniture. It's a shame I missed Nero, I could have made a whole bedroom suite".
(cont. page IV)

Grandma Maesa Changes Emperors!

Out with the old Grandson, in with the new!
(cont. page V)

Sons of Constantine Show Off Their Distaff Cousins!

Dis head on dis staff, dat head on dat staff...
(cont. page XVI)

You're Once..., Twice..., Three Times Augustus...

But three strikes and you're out.
(cont. page XIV)

Emperor Stabs Brother in Mother's Arms - Gains Support of Elder Brothers Everywhere.

"He kept looking at me funny", says Caracalla. "And Mom always liked him better".
(cont. page VIII)

Justinian II Wins By a Nose!

Leontius and Tiberius lose by a head.
(cont. page XIX) 

Constantine VII and Mother Wrestle for Throne

"It's all fun and games until someone loses an eye.  Or eyes..."
(cont. page III)